In June 2019, NURF received a Wildcat Excellence Award for introducing composting to Norris University Center in collaboration with Compass Group.


What is Real Food?

Real Food is defined as food that is local/community-based, ecologically sound, humane or built on fair labor practices. ​These definitions are based on standards established by the national Real Food Challenge.

Why Real Food?

Real Food truly nourishes producers, consumers, communities and the earth. Shifting to Real Food will not only bring healthier and tastier food to our campus, but will also contribute to building a food system that is more just, sustainable and holistic.

What does NURF do?

Real Food at NU (NURF) is part of a nation-wide campaign, the Real Food Challenge (RFC), that advocates for more Real Food in campus dining halls. The university food system is a 5 billion dollar industry. The goal is for the entire system to make this 20% shift, resulting in a 1 billion dollar reallocation of funds to more ethical sources, and permanently changing our food system. Northwestern University signed on to the RFC Campus Commitment in June 2015, pledging to source at least 20% Real Food by 2020. Starting with a baseline of 3.12% Real Food in the 2014-15 academic year, we are excited to continue making significant strides toward our 20% goal this year!

How can I get involved with NURF?

Come to our weekly meetings in University Hall 418 at 6:00-7:00pm. There are no applications, interviews or barriers to carrying for our campus food system!